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Dear RVP,

First, I would like to congratulate you on your remarkable achievement last season, Not only did you finish unscathed, You carted away numerous individual awards, Broke several club and EPL records, A feat that will go down in Arsenal history books…
You brought Harmony, Peace and Respect to the squad on and off the pitch. Big man, Big responsibility; You handled it very well, Even much more than I expected *Tilts hat*
As an Arsenal supporter, I have seen many great players and I have to confess, You are a bottomless pit of creativity with “genius” written all over you

But, On the 4th of July 2012, You dropped the bomb shell that turned Arsenal into turmoil, You released a statement declaring your intention not to ink the papers… Who am I to tell you what to do? But I know one thing for certain, ARSENAL it was, ARSENAL it is and ARSENAL it will be

Many people have criticized us for lacking Ambition, That I might not dispute, But we are still the quickest out of the block this season, with the capture of Lukas Podolski and Oliver Giroud + Arteta, Per, Wilshere, Song, Szczesny, Koscielny, Vermaelen et al, I believe that is a step in the right direction, Proven all-round strikers to tow a truck-size burden off you.
Despite being one step behind, We still manage to qualify for Europe at the expense of Liverpool,Spurs and Chelsea (only qualified as champions).

You have been at the club for 8years, I can only say I have seen you on the pitch for only Two seasons. In these two seasons you were absolute Class, Scoring spectacular goals. The remaining 6years were enshrouded with Injuries, Injuries and more Injuries that ultimately earned you the nickname, “The man of Glass”. During this troubled times, When a section of the fans wanted you out, Guess who was there? ARSENE WENGER! If he had sold your sorry Ass, you would have been doing an AQUILANI now

As much as I will love to credit last season to your brilliance, I believe there a certain word called “TEAMWORK”. It wasn’t just team work, It was Arsenal players playing as a family… The bond and togetherness was so strong, Your team mates would have sacrificed (anything) for you. Rewind ARSENAL vs WIGAN (4-0 at Wigan) Theo Walcott had the chance to be on the score sheet,he chose to delay the ball,and square for you to score. Everyone wanted you to be successful. I look at Rooney and Nani, I wonder how many times I’ve seen then have a go at each other. That bond between players is what money cannot buy. They said you made the perfect runs for the likes of Song to pick you out? What happened at the Euros, you needed mobile phones to communicate with Robben and snieijder?? Now your ambition has grown bigger than that of the club in one brilliant season? Where was the ambition when you were sent packing in Holland, where was it when Arsenal catered for your rehab, where was the ambition when you received cash for years for work undone? Time to reap the faith Arsenal F.C showed in you, your Ambition suddenly grew wings?

I really don’t blame you, but Wenger. That His persistent trust in players (Flamini, Nasri,Clichy) that turns around and spits on his face.. Hence, any player with two years left on his contract and refuses to sign shall be benched or sold. Enough of the fuckery from ingrates. Ginafranco Zola was one of the most talented player the EPL has ever seen,what did he achieve with Chelsea? But his name will forever remain UP there.

Finally I will like to thank you for the good times,the amazing goals (I’ve lost count), the get-out-of-jail free cards (I’ve also lost count). I wish you well in your career,all the best at your next club . Go win trophies mate. When you eventually leave do me a favour, forget everything Arsenal and please do not talk about us.

Like a friend of mine said

@DizGabriella_: The small badge in front will always be bigger than the name tag at the back.bye RVP

A Nigerian Gunner!


Hello lovely people, it has surely been a while I posted. I was thinking on a random topic to blog about, few topics crossed my mind but only one got my attention: “CHEATING”.

All of a sudden, cheating has become increasingly easier than breathing. Why do people cheat without any form of consideration of the effects on their loved ones?

I drew out some of the factors I think encourage individuals to make a foray into this shameful act.

—-» COMPLACENCY: Your partner may begin to take you for granted, he/she stops appreciating and complementing you, stops telling you how much he loves you. In such situation, the confidence level on the relationship begins to drain, you begin to feel less attractive to yourself especially if when you were single you had a lot of suitors, who always fell over themselves only to get your attention. Then comes along someone out of the blue who compliments you on a regular basis, telling you how beautiful you look. Before you realize it, you begin to dance to the tune, dressing for him/her and looking your best anytime you go seeing him/her. His/her compliment about you begins to increase your self-beauty or confidence. Before you know it, you start having a side-relationship.

—-» TREATMENT : A lot of people are actually single in a relationship. Your partner mistreat you just because you want to have a relationship. Your first reaction may be to get at him/her, especially in a relationship where you have complained more than you have talked. Your only instincts may be to get you away from your partner, although sometimes things can be too complicated. One of the most natural reaction is to run into an open arms of someone who seems to be treating you right. For some, revenge is the ultimate solution. “If he cheats on me, I will cheat on him too”. So if your partner continues to cheat on you and hurt you, should you pay him back in his coin?

—-»THRILL: As strange as it may sound, some people just love to live on the edge. They enjoy every good thing life has to offer, cheating inclusive. It is more of an adventure than immorality to them. Most people fall into this group, they have the inch-perfect relationship still, they want to eat their cake and still have it. They just seem to cherish the thought of being naked with someone new.
—-» CHALLENGING TIMES: Situations that we find ourselves may get to us especially during very difficult and challenging times. At such times, we may get confused and lonely. The understanding, availability and attention we get from other people tends to influence our actions which makes one get into relationship we never planned.

—-» FRIENDS: This is by far the most influencing factor. Like they say, “Friends can either make or break you”. Never underestimate the power of friends to convince. If your partner’s friend have negative feelings about you, they may go the extra mile in setting up on a blind date just to make you meet the person they feel is perfect for you.

There are many other reasons people cheat, too little attention, too much attention from other party, fear, boredom, insecurity among others. We may not all understand why people cheat on a cheating partner.

LAMBA KING part ways with his record label (Serengeti Music) after screaming @ his Manager.. Sources from the label as it that The fast rising star has been having problems with his management, team and other artist under the label… Just after performing at the Jimmy jump off party last night Hakym screams @ his manager for not making his dancers come on stage while he was performing and says she’s not effective… Hakym who’s fame had been on d rise since he dropped Lamba had only just concluded a tour put together by his record label which spanned Lagos and Johannesburg at S.A.. Could this be the end of the Lamba tour?

One Party Too Many

This might sound like a routine University undergraduate story,the exotic lifestyle that ended in a pool of a shame. Still on the same road,but different lane. I’ve debated this within myself before deciding to lay it off my chest,I came to a conclusion that it’ll do no good to keep it to myself. it could help someone out there going down the path.
My name is Marcel, I am 26yrs old. I am tall,slim and good looking,I come from an average Nigerian family. Although we had little materially,my dad taught us to always be content with the little we had. I attended the primary and secondary school my dad’s purse could dictate. I was very brilliant and intelligent, right after my secondary school I passed JAMB and got admission into an institution in Nigeria. I got serious with my academics from my very first day in school,my results were there to show off my hard work . I closed my eyes to things that could distract me from academics
In my third year in the University,I took my foot off the pedal a little, met a couple of friends and we became really close. I began attending parties,at first it was nothing serious till I turned to a party-Animal. There was no party on/off campus we didn’t attend,I got the best girls. the type I could only fantasize about,I was living the life of an over-night celebrity,everyday same me different girls . I couldn’t balance both parties,as a result my school results suffered greatly. I knew I had to sit up to return to the level I was. I began to study hard, reading and the library was a daily dosage,still I couldn’t concentrate fully missed the thrill so I seeked help from cigarette and Alcohol to keep calm. Night Life was so good in school, a taste and I couldn’t stop asking for more.

I decided to reduce my parties and get my girls. On an unusual weekend gig,I already called up one of my endless list of girls. I sat a few tables away from the bar,with my spirit and pack of cigar. As i lit the first stick of cigar. I turned to ask for a lighter. Mary walked into the club, tall,dark cat-eyes body of a goddess, a perfect example of one of a kind, perfection at its very best. She sat opposite my table,I couldn’t get a grip of myself,Lighter was on but forgot the light the cigar.
“Today must be my lucky day” I said to myself. I tried to make eye contact,she was having none of it. I walked to her table
” can I join you” I asked like a gentleman
“Why not” she replied with an innocent smile
“Am Marcel” introducing myself like a boss
“Marcel? Same Marcel on Campus? Have heard a lot about you. Am Mary”
“Oh really? Good things I hope” I smiled
“Yeah Good things” she replied..

We chatted a little while and exchanged digits. After three different dates and lot of romantic text messages,she invited me to her house… It was a paradise on earth.
“My folks are out of town,we have the house to ourselves” she whispered to my ears… It sent down shivers
“Am all yours baby” I held her tiny waist and stole a kiss under the street lights.

After a few bottles of Vodka, we hit the shower.lights were off. She scrubbed my body loitering her fingers on every sensitive part of my body. The body couldn’t resist so my Middle man gave a salute. Slowly the kissing and smoothing took us out of the bathroom to the bedroom. As we approached the bed,suddenly the lights came on, I looked around to my surprise Five heavily built men where sitted in the room and an half-naked Lebanese midget on the bed.
I looked her ,she looked at them they looked at me,I looked away. After a deep sigh I called “Mary,what is going on” my voice enshrouded with so much fear
“Mary?” She replied while picking up her cloths,
” You should stop calling me that you know? My name is Kidje” .she wasn’t even a student of my school.
There I knew,it was over for me. I tried to close her down and strangle her.. Before I could take a step, I heard clicks of guns directed at me,at this moment I wish the ground will open up and swallow me up.
Kidje walked towards the men and whispered
“He is all yours” she walked out,mission accomplished I thought. Two of the men hijacked me to the bed, as if being naked on the bed with a midget wasn’t bad enough. His body was covered with terrible sores dripping pulse,his anus inflamed,more like viral disease… He looked at me
“Make love to me” he said seductively. I resisted, rainfall of baseball bat on me. The rest they say is history .
After that night ,I never felt normal again,I got weaker,slimmer and kept having terrible nightmares. Death is the only thing on my mind right now. I will never have the chance to correct the foolish mistakes I made because as I write I have just few weeks to live.

Dear Mum……Thanks a Lot

“It is not always true that mothers know best, at least not matters concerning the heart”, explained Aderonke. My mum thought she knew what was best for me when the choice of marriage creeps in, she successfully robbed me of the chance to live happily ever after with the man of my choice when I was 29. Fast forward ten years, I am still single.

My Mum (Deep Sigh), may her sumptuous soul rest in perfect peace. With every anniversary of her death comes a reminder of her major role in rendering me ‘husbandless’, my heart is eclipsed with bitterness and thoughts of her stirs up hatred and ready-made evil deeds.

They say time heals every hurt but not the kind of hurt within me and a fantastic to-be the lawfully wedded wife to the Man my heart was specially designed for.
Tribalism and ethnicity shall not be the death of this blessed country, though I must conclude that things are shaping up for the better. My parents were extreme in tribalism, my mum deeply immersed. I might get my Dad to see reason sometimes. But my Mum? Her favourite words “OMO IBO JATI JATI”. My mum was very domineering and no one won in an argument.

As strange as Life will cast me in a Love movie, I fell in love with my mum’s worst nightmare “omo ibo”. Stephen was every woman’s walking fantasy; tall, handsome, body to die for, funny, romantic, adventurous and capped with dripping intelligence. I was crazy about tall guys perhaps because I’ve got height on my side as well. Short guys? I can’t deal. He was a confident guy, his sense of humour oozed and was always a step ahead of others in dealing with issues, we seemed the perfect match.

Our meeting wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, we met at a friends birthday party. He asked me for a dance, I stalled at first, but inside of me a massive rock concert was in full flow.

“You were the first person I noticed when I walked in”, Stephen said.

“You’re kidding me right”, I asked flirting with him as we danced.

“Yes, I had my eyes on you”, he said silently to my ears. Every word of his pierced my soul rendering me hopelessly in love already.

“Count today as your lucky day”, I teased,
“You are tall. The kind I have always wanted”.

We chatted like we’ve known for years. After the party, he asked me for my number

“You will call?”, I asked faintly.

“O yes I will, every minute of every hour, if u permit”, He joked.

He did call as promised and that was the beginning of a well-scripted love life that bloomed and blossomed at the speed of light. He was my best kept secret (from my mum) although my siblings and close friends knew about us. The few times I tried to have an intimate heart to heart talk with my mum, she would upset me with her closing remarks “Don’t bring omo ibo to this house o” and the endless hiss!

“But Mum”, I pleaded.

“Heyyys!!! Say no more, no ibo man will marry my child”.

Nine months into our relationship. He asked when I would take him to meet his future parents-in-law.

“Let’s take this relationship a notch higher or don’t I qualify”? He looked into my eyes . I was over the moon and planted plethora of kisses all over his well-tailored face.

“Of course Dear”, I replied.

I told Mum and Dad with a lot of apprehension that I was bringing a man home.

“As long as he is from our place”. Mum was the first to react. “Remember you are my first born”, She said. Later that day, I took the case to my Dad, explained every detail to him and he simply said to me, “You know your mother and her trouble”. Dad was an endless pit of disappointment as always, he was never able to stand up to Mum, take charge and lay down rules, where does that leave the kids?

It was time someone dared Mum, so I brought Stephen home! How wrong I was, the humiliation and shame showered on me can never be measured. She asked Stephen questions in Yoruba even though she knew he couldn’t understand or speak. She stood up angrily and retorted with “Omo ibo ti lasan lasan”. Stephen took it badly. He felt like an outcast and it really affected our relationship. Gradually,we began to drift.

I thought Mum would show some remorse as I walked around the house like a jilted bride, not my mum…. and fate nailed my coffin. Mum died in an accident. Everyone thought after the mourning, Stephen and I would get back on track. With the way my mum took the issue, if I ended up with Stephen she resurrect and haunt me down. Dad already gave the Go-ahead, but I felt like looking into his eyes and tell him what a massive disappointment he has been to his kids.

At 39, am still single and searching. Stephen? Last I heard, married with kids. Good for him. I wish him peace and happiness.

S/O to @Omoobajesutee for her contribution on this piece

The Final 90mins

In what has been an absorbing, energy-draining season of breathtaking football. The endless drama, the exasperating upsets, the emergence of future world beaters, the goals, the misses and a final 90mins that brings the season to a curtain fall, all these makes the English Premiere League not only the most competitive, exciting and attractive League in the World but sport’s biggest obsession.

Both Wolves and Blackburn have booked the flight to the lower division next season. Blackburn’s hope of retaining their spot in the division came to an epileptic end ,when relegation-scrap masters (Wigan) took all three-points at Ewood park in a winner takes all match. Wigan surprisingly had their heads in relegation river all season but against all odds gathered some incredible points in a quest to guarantee another season of undiluted football entertainment. Brushed aside the so-called English juggernauts, defeated Liverpool at Anfield, narrowly lost to Chelsea, dented Manchester United hopes, shocked Arsenal at the Emirates, saved the best for the last, white-washed League high-flyers Newcastle. They deserve their Premier league status next season.

The Epic battle of survival between QPR and BOLTON enters its final episode this weekend. QPR on their part,are not only trying to avoid the drop but have a massive say where the League pendulum swings in the City( Blue or Red). Should QPR do a WIGAN on Manchester City at the fortress called Etihad, United will receive favour with open arm. Bolton completed another chapter in their diary “Journey to the drop” when they squandered a two-goal lead against Wesbrom. The Brittania stadium is a wrong place to visit on a day your Premier League status is on life support. Owen Coyle and his army can draw out some positives from their 5-0 bashing of stokes earlier in the season. However,a defeat for QPR and failure to get all 3-points kick starts life in the lower League and a romantic goodbye kiss to the Premier League.


The final automatic Champions League ticket. Another evenly contested battle of supremacy. Spurs earlier in the season looked to have wrapped up the third spot but consistency is something inconsistently consistent about them. Arsenal took advantage of Spurs’ massive slip-up to climb to third on the log table but like their North London neighbours, inconsistency is a bedtime story at the Emirates,dropping points to lesser but determined teams. A disappointing 3-3 at home to Norwich almost condemned them to Europa League. Newcastle is quietly waiting on the wings to pounce on any unfortunate slip. It has been a remarkable season for the Toons. A place in Europa League (maybe) should round off a blistering season. Currently occupying 5th position but with every chance of sneaking into the lucrative club competition.


A city divided by not only rivalry but the EPL crown, the city promises to produce one of the greatest final lap in the history of the EPL. Manchester City at a stage looked like run-away league champions. Inconsistency and loss of form to integral players gave Manchester Unite the room to leap frog City. A Vincent Kompany’s powerful header not only handed City the bragging rights but toppled United off the league table. Still level on points, City edged this one on goal difference leaving S.A.F with a bitter taste.
City takes on QPR. A must win, United entertain Sunderland (specialist at backing the visiting bus in front of goal). A victory for United is not enough, former player now QPR might do his former Manager a favour against a team he once managed! Any slip up, complacency, lack of concentration can swing in the favour of the other side of the country.

Don’t blink, you might just miss the KO.

AGEING (Science)

Ageing is the link between LIFE, LIVING and DEATH.  Literarily, ageing is the process of growing old, especially of acquiring the physical, psychological and mental attributes which are the main characteristics of old age.

Ageing in human causes general deterioration in many tissues and systems, which may include loss of muscle mass, weakness, reduced in sensory loss, reduction in system capabilities, reduced mobility, decline in reproductive capability and deleterious physiological changes. Several researchers have advanced various reasons for ageing, but it was proposed that a good understanding of ageing can only be achieved by linking the evolutionary and physiological approaches in the

Disposable Soma Theory (DST). DST predicts that ageing is due to evolved limitations in somatic maintainace due to competing priorities of reproduction, and thus results from the accumulation during life of damage in cell and tissues.

Ageing can best be understood if it is studied at the cellular level, whereby the shortening of the telomeres at the end of the chromosome after cell division gets to a stage of critical length, thus preventing further replication of the cell and thereby leading to cell death.

Research has shown that the major contributing factor to ageing is the accumulation of

cellular retirees. After the cells divide about

50 times, they quit the division process n foray into a phase they can no longer perform. Before a cell divides, it copies its chromosome so that each daughter cell will get a complete set, because of how the copying is done, the very ends of our long slender chromosome don’t get copied, and as a result the chromosome shortens with every cell division. Fortunately, the end of the chromosome called

TELOMERES avoids being left behind. It is believed that when the TELOMERES shrink to a critical size, the cell takes notice and stops dividing.

In 1985, scientist discovered

TELOMERASE. This is an enzyme that extends TELOMERES, rebuilding them to their former length and strength. TELOMARES could pull together cellular retirees back to workforce. Using genetic engineering, scientist reactivated the enzyme in the human cell grown in the laboratory. As hoped the cells multiplied, convincingly well beyond the time their TELOMARES-lacking counterparts had stopped

In conclusion, TELOMARASE could be the key to long life, youthful looks and strength even in old age, scientifically proven at least.



Contrary to what people say during “toasting”, sex has grown to become a very important part of our relationships. From the point of identifying a person as a potential partner, the thought of that person as a potential mate must have passed through your mind. The curves, pretty face, baritone voice, body build are proofs of this.
it has been proven that just like some animals, humans identify a potential mate based on their sex appeal (we rarely admit this) yet we somehow downplay the position of sex in our relationships and thus expose ourselves to the feeling of “no longer in love”- an after effect of several bad sexual experiences with that one mate we had previously selected.
Here’s the truth, irrespective of your sexual appetite, everyone desires great sex at every attempt and I’m of the school of thought that it’s a birth right and therefore no one should be deprived of it. While we must admit that our sexual appetite as well as stamina varies, everyone who has climaxed once (either through masturbation or actual sex) yearns for a repeat of that feeling and attempts to get it. The difference between a sex maniac and one who simply can’t be bothered about sex is how often they orgasm. To the woman who doesn’t orgasm during sex, sex is simply over-rated but to the one who has multiple orgasms during sex, sex is the ultimate thing.
For those who find sex boring, drab and over-rated. I make bold to say you haven’t been doing it right! Knowing how to do it right ranks higher than finding the right partner, it involves understanding the workings of the human body sexually as well as understanding your own body. Until you know these things, even the right partner may not be able to fulfill your sexual cravings.
Rightly so, for the one who has found the pleasure behind sex, sex is in fact under-rated and this group of people are the ones who can have several sexual partners without necessarily entering into a relationship with them. They simply seek the pleasure that comes with sex and cannot be bothered about first entering into a relationship.
Great Sex is an important part of a relationship as one of the leading causes of break-ups/divorce is sexual incompatibility, which simply put, is difference in sexual appetites/needs amongst couples.
The “how to have great sex” is a topic for another day, but I must leave you with these words, if you want great sex, the internet, books and even porn offers insights and there’s no sin in “seeking knowledge”.
In conclusion, the role of sex in a relationship should not be downplayed, it’s a very important part of the 21st century relationship and should be looked forward to every time “toasting” occurs!

Written by Bishop Ade, pls ff him on twitter —-» @bishopade

Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc…. It’s not a clock; it’s just football in the simplest form courtesy of Mikel Arteta. Composed, assured in possession, good body balance and a class act when it comes to football artistry! 

Arsene wrapped up the deal for Arteta few minutes to dead line, the fact that Arteta wanted to join us, took a wage slash says so much about how beautiful football played under Wenger’s managerial eagle eye attracts technically gifted players. I have always believed his talent coupled with our brand of football, is romance made in heaven. 

Arteta has defined all my theory about football evolution. Gone are the days, when there was the “Makelele role”; a combative roaming tackler where all he does is, break up play and give to the playmaker. Football has gone beyond that. 

At Everton, he played as an attacking midfielder, sometimes as a second striker but things have changed since he switched clubs. Now playing deep in midfield as a box-to-box, deep-lying playmaker, he is a beauty to watch.

Since the departure of Gilberto, we have failed to land a “Ticking” midfielder; nothing flamboyant just ticks the game, settles the nerves and dictates the game at his own tempo. The closest we came to that was Jack Wilshere! 

Fab Replacement?

Few players can match up with Fabregas’ vision and passing range, Arteta inclusive. The former Arsenal captain is unarguably the best passer of the ball in his generation. He times his runner to perfection, the speed of the ball to the runner is always inch-perfect.. (Arsenal vs Dynamo Kiev, assist for Bendtner). 

To fill such shoes is something close to impossibility. Rather than search for Fab’s replacement, and continue the monopoly playmaking (one channel game), Wenger brought Arteta in as a ticking playmaker. The reason Alex Song has flourished so much this season is down to Arteta’s classy football IQ. 

The less you see him, the more efficient he is. Like we say here in Nigeria, he is a “Pass and Relax” sort of player. A natural leader, another plus for Arsenal is that he shoots from long range

The Friendly Predator

Nothing beats the excitement of a little child getting his private room. The freedom and joy of playing till you fall asleep without the supervision of his parents is one to savour. Jude was 5 years old when his family relocated to a bigger house in a better neighbourhood. A three-bedroom apartment with a large and carefully tended lawn, that is beautifully adorned by a big blue swing. The Dad worked as an engineer for an Oil Servicing Firm. He was mostly offshore than onshore or at home. His mum ran a beer parlour, just a few blocks away from home. The neighbours seemed friendly and settling in the new posh environment was so easy. Jude had to change school to a new one closer to their new home and the new school was even more fun that the former. Due to the nature of his mum’s job she had to drop his lunch with Nneka. Nneka was a 22yr-old girl still seeking admission, staying in the same compound with Jude. Jude’s mum had known her for ages, before the hair, before the curves, and  she had always been a nice girl, kneeling to greet, always helpful, somewhat reserved, you know,  The kind of neighbour you could trust your kids with.

It was a Monday afternoon, Jude carelessly strode home, he was having a slight headache, it’s just hunger he teased himself, the house was in sight now, he could see Nneka outside the gate,her face looking cross, he’d never seen her wear that expression, he moved closer, “good afternoon” he said “ehen” she answered and held the gate open while he stepped in, ” go inside the house, the first room beside the kitchen, go there and wait for me” hungrily jude dragged his feet, something didn’t feel right, but he could not wrap his little mind around it, he didn’t wait long before she stepped into the house and then into the room, she locked the door behind her. strange.. Jude was sitting on the bed his little hands on his knees, she knelt down in front of him, straight faced, eyes.. now jude would call them  “soulless”, equipped with wicked intent but then it was just plain scary. “Jude, if you ever tell anybody what’s about to happen, consider yourself dead, I will take everything from you, poison your food and you will NEVER EVER, see your parents or the lights of day again, do u understand?”, Nneka said. “Yes” he whispered moments later, tearingly, he barely saw his daddy and mummy now, but he couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing them again, he would do what ever it took. Slowly she began to undress, he looked uncomfortably at other parts of the room, when she was done, she lay on the bed, “come” she said ” you will put your mouth here” pointing to in-between her legs “and lick it till I tell you  to stop” Jude didn’t like that idea, but then the idea of dying was far more scary, he braced his little arms and knees, climbed the bed, tears flowing freely he started to lick, “harder!!!” she yelled, first it was dry, then he began to taste moistness, he didn’t quite like the smell either, but the fear was his force, he used his tongue with all his power, trying to imagine, it was a cone of ice cream, he groveled and explored, up down and in, “I don’t want to die”, he kept saying in his head. Suddenly, she started to shake and scream, he was frightened, he jumped back, and watched her, as she lay down, she wasn’t hurt, why did she scream? He would understand that one day. Few hours later,all planned and done, she threatened the little boy again from her glassy soulless eyes her lips pronouncing every word as if it were a sharp weapon her instruction was clear she would poison his food if he ever said a word to his mum or any living thing.

After the horrible experience, Jude had sleepless nights, the euphoria of his new room faded away. It had become a weeping sanctuary. He felt pain, he felt shame, he felt so alone. Father was never around, Mum won’t return home till 12 am. All he has is the molester as a best friend. Where is the parental care? Evaporated in thin air. Apparently Nneka told her evil-minded friends,who also wanted a taste of the action. Still suffering the agony of sleeping with someone 17yrs older, and now her friends, a hapless 5yr-old boy suddenly turned daily meal to 3 lethal predators. For 4 years, Jude now had a daily job he resumes to after school.

Jude is 25yrs old now, still suffering from the trauma. And all because of lack of adequate parental care. Jude still has so much anger in him towards ladies. Vulnerable in looks but utterly evil through and through.

Perhaps enough emphasis hasn’t been given to molestation of young boys too. This is just a case out of a million cases that have gone unheard, unresolved. Parents should take time out to talk to their kids. Parental care is seriously lacking in the modern era. Kids live mostly on nannies and house helps.

Written by Gingerstiff and my very own Sweetness ( @3D_Hottie ) .. Illest Female writer I know.. Kindly follow her on twitter…